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Welcome !

Hi, I am Susan and I would like to welcome you to Susan`s Saigon Tours, a Vietnamese tour company that is owned and operated by youthful Vietnamese women who are passionate about our wonderful city, its culture and especially its delicious traditional food.

Many tourists visit our city and only dine in the main restaurants and hotels without experiencing true Vietnamese cuisine. Because of this we decided to create our FABULOUS FOOD TOUR and SIGHTSEEING TOUR.

On this tour, our skilled tour guides, dressed in the traditional Vietnamese ao dai, will take you by motorbike to four different traditional Vietnamese restaurants where you will experience the tastiest, most delicious food you are ever likely to find anywhere. You will have a choice of traditional Vietnamese food, from entrees, desserts and drinks, including beer. The aim of the evening is food, food, food and fun, fun, fun. And don’t worry about the hectic Saigon traffic. Our guides are skilled, safe drivers and to reassure our customers, we provide accident insurance for all our customers and guides.

During the tour we will take you through the exciting streets of our city to various locations and districts that are sure to be the highlight of your trip to Vietnam. Our friendly tour guides will ensure that you are safe, relaxed and having an all round good time.



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